The Global Studies is an interdisciplinary join B.A program offered at Rutgers-Camden. Students in this program will complete the requirements for Global Studies (30 credits) and another Bachelors of Arts (B.A.) major (typically 30-36 credits). Students will graduate with two majors.


Summary of Global Studies Major Degree Requirements 

  • Completion of degree requirements for B.A. degrees in majors such as Anthropology, Art, History, Criminal Justice, English, French, German, History, Political Science, Sociology, Philosophy, Religion, Spanish, etc (30-36 credits total)
  • Introduction to Global Studies core course 50:480:101 (3 credits)
  • Learning Abroad/ Study Abroad/ Study Away course (3 credits total)
  • Foreign language courses in one language (12 credits total)
  • Elective Global themed courses (6-12 credits)

Double-Credit for Approved Courses

  • With approval, students may double-count up to 12 credits taken for General Education requirements and/or the join major.