Spring 2020 Learning Abroad Courses 

This semester, the Learning Abroad program is sponsoring twenty courses, including three study away classes. These programs are an alternative opportunity to a traditional semester or yearlong study abroad program, extending the work of the classroom into a first-hand experience of cultural life outside the United States. They are designed to promote cross-cultural competence, community engagement, global awareness, and foreign language study. 


Learning Abroad Courses 

Doing Business in South Africa

Community Service, Social Change, and Knowledge of Place in South Africa

Constitutional Law in South Africa

Health and Healing in South Africa

South African Literature and Film

Comparative Criminal Justice in Ireland, England, and Wales

International Perspectives of Forensic Science in England

Health and Healing in Guatemala

A Taste for culture in Spain

Writing Revolutions: Literatures of Revolution in Philadelphia and Cuba

Arts and Culture of Modern Day Iceland

Biodiversity, Natural History, and Conservation of Patagonia

Child Migration and U.S. Immigration Policy in Guatemala

Haiti: Culture, Politics, and Health

Haruki Murakami: Magical Japan

Psychology of Eating in Spain and France

Women in Paris: Past and Present


Study Away Courses 

Reporting on Civil Rights in America: Then and Now (Atlanta, Alabama, Nashville)

Social Work and Civil Rights (Alabama)

Population Health in Puerto Rico: Caring for Diverse Needs of a Unique Island Territory